Case studies

Sterile Single Use Containers

Cellon S.A.—Luxembourg
Class 7 cleanroom with Class 5 Laminar Flow Canopies
190m²: £250,000
8 weeks duration

Multi-Function Cleanroom—LCD Technology Research

Sharp Laboratories, Oxford
Class 7 cleanroom with Class 5 equipment
200m²: £750,000
16 weeks duration

Cleanroom Complex—Pharmaceutical Product Development

Vectura, Chippenham
Class ‘C’ GMP cleanrooms with Class ‘A’ GMP control booths
400m²: £900,000
18 weeks duration

Research Centre for Microwave Processing

University of Nottingham with E2V, School of Physics & Astronomy
Class 7 cleanrooms with Class 5 canopies and wet benches
90m²: £450,000
14 weeks duration

Graphene Centre

University of Exeter—School of Physics
Class 5 & 6 cleanrooms with Class 5 wet benches
125m²: £0.5million
16 weeks duration

Medical Devices, Sterimedix
Medical Devices

Class 7 cleanroom with Class 5 Laminar Flow Canopies
102m²: £115,000
6 weeks duration

Cleanroom Consumables

Class 7 cleanroom complex
340m²: £250,000
10 weeks duration