Case studies

Medical Devices

Class 7 cleanroom with Class 5 Laminar Flow Canopies
102m²: £115,000
6 weeks duration

This new facility was built in an existing building. The room fabric consisted of a metal cleanroom partition system, vinyl floor, suspended ceiling c/w lighting and a fully equipped changing room.

The facility was designed as class 7 turbulent flow with localised class 5 laminar flow canopies. The class 5 laminar flow canopies were fitted above some of the cleanroom benching giving class 5 working spaces.

Services included compressed air and small power fitted in dado trunking.

Air conditioning comprised a simple air handling unit with dx cooling and electric heating to give comfort conditions in the rooms. The rooms operate with a positive pressure to prevent the ingress of contamination from the surrounding area. Rooms are cascaded so the cleanest is at the highest pressure.

A series of passthrough hatches were fitted to enable materials and components to be moved in and out of the cleanroom without having to go through the changing room. The changing room entry protocol used a red / green light system. Green lights with all doors closed, when one door is opened the lights turn to red. If door is opened on a red light a buzzer sounds.

The project was completed on time and on budget. David Bailey, director for Sterimedix commented:
“The cleanroom build exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend Cleanroom Solutions”.

Medical Devices, Sterimedix