Cleanroom products

Cleanroom canopies

Cleanroom canopies and workstations provide localised laminar flow air to class 4 or 5 to ISO 14644-1 (class 10 or 100 US Fed Std).

They are designed to provide a cleaner local environment over critical processes and products without having to go to the extra expense of converting the whole cleanroom to the higher standard. They are versatile and proven and are easily repositioned as your processes are modified or changed.

The basic canopy consists of a housing, prefilter, fans, variable speed controllers, HEPA filters and lights. The cabinets can be self supporting, ceiling mounted, mobile or bench mounted. Mobile units are on steel frames fitted with castors and normally enclosed using PVC overlapping curtains. Other options include side screens, back panels, power points, gas points, free standing tables, etc.

They are generally fabricated from powder coated sheet steel, polypropylene sheet or stainless steel depending on the environment that they are to work in.

Most importantly they are custom designed to meet your exact requirements.