Cleanroom products

Cleanroom wet benches

Wet benches (chemical process stations) are designed for processes involving corrosive chemicals. They are normally supplied with laminar flow canopies above.

Each bench is designed for handling specific types of chemicals and can generally be classified as Acid benches or Solvent benches.

Acid benches are manufactured from polypropylene with polypropylene worktops and fittings. Solvent benches can be manufactured completely from stainless steel or using a polypropylene carcass with stainless steel liners incorporating stainless steel worktops and fittings.

The benches are custom designed for the particular process and are fitted out as necessary to include: DI water taps & guns, nitrogen taps and guns, wash/weir tanks, dump rinsers, aspirators for the extraction and dilution of acids, Quartz tanks, hot plates, ultrasonic tanks, sinks, hinged and sliding visors, folding night covers, chemical baths, etc.

We also offer a range of custom designed and built fume cupboards. All polypropylene sheet used for fabrication is fire retardant. Wet benches are incorporated into the cleanroom design and include extract systems. Each extract is designed to be suitable for the chemicals being extracted and to meet local authority regulations.