Cleanroom projects

Cleanroom Solutions design and build cleanrooms to meet our client’s exact requirements. We have the expertise to determine the type and the classification of cleanroom required, as well as to tailor our detail design to suit a client’s processes or products.

Materials are selected to suit cleanroom requirements, i.e. non particle shedding, anti static etc, as well as to suit individual applications, i.e. chemical resistance, wear resistance, fire proof, etc.

Elements normally considered are: wall systems, ceiling systems, lighting / emergency lighting, small power, data outlets, floors, changing room including furniture, process equipment (laminar flow canopies, wet benches, air showers, passthroughs, etc), filtration based on air change rate to achieve specific cleanroom classification, air conditioning (including: air handling units, ductwork, cooling, heating, humidification, controls, extract systems, etc).