Cleanroom projects

Cleanroom design

Convential flow room Convential flow room
Laminar flow room Laminar flow room
Convential flow with localised laminar flow room Convential flow with localised laminar flow room

The cleanroom design starts with an initial consultation. Our objective is to determine our customer’s exact needs and requirements prior to advising on and recommending a solution.

Data incorporated in the design would, for example, comprise: classification of cleanroom standard required, temperature and humidity requirements, process extract, process heat gains, lighting levels and noise levels.

All designs comply with recognised industry practices in accordance with the appropriate cleanroom standard. Generally we work to ISO 14644-1, GMP, US Fed Std 209 and BS 5295 or any other recognised standard.

The process is completed by the submission of a detailed cleanroom design solution presented in the form of a comprehensive specification and quotation, together with CAD drawings.