New horizons for Guardtech Group as international presence continues to grow

Cleanroom construction specialists establishing their brands overseas with string of exciting European projects

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are expanding their horizons. The company that began life in 2000 as a small-scale provider of modest modular cleanrooms is now a multi-brand powerhouse delivering a wide range of cleanroom solutions to an ever-wider array of leading applications in the UK. 
 But this isn’t enough for Guardtech. There’s a big world out there – and the Group is discovering just how in-demand their first-class total cleanroom package is globally. 
 Guardtech currently have three significant international projects under way, having already delivered modular, CleanCube and Isopod projects on the continent this year.

 The Group only undertook their first international job three years ago – a 40ft CleanCube Midi container for Oil & Gas work in Nigeria for Schlumberger.

 A series of overseas projects followed soon after, including a COVID-19 PCR testing unit for Tenerife, Spain, a 470sqm ISO8 modular cleanroom in Mullingar, Ireland and a 30sqm double Softwall Isopod for disinfectant providers in Estonia.

 And the wider Group also has a history of working some modular magic on the continent – turnkey arm Cleanroom Solutions previously developed a stunning 190sqm cleanroom suite for bioprocessing company Cellon in Luxembourg.

Cleanroom Solutions’ Luxembourg modular project

 With the sudden recent surge of international interest, Commercial Director Mark Wheeler is anticipating even more rapid growth beyond UK shores in the second half of 2023.

 “Every year seems to bring more positive change for the Group – and 2023 is proving to be no different,” he says.

 “We went into the year believing that we could make a real impact overseas, but the rate at which this side of the business is growing is incredible.

 “We’re tying up exciting new partnerships with some impressive companies in Life Sciences, Electronics and beyond and showing our new friends in Europe and further afield why Guardtech has become such a trusted brand in our industry.”

 The Group are currently installing a 300sqm modular cleanroom with ISO5, 6 & 7 spaces for leading technology innovators in Germany, having already provided the same client with two bespoke 30sqm and 45sqm ISO7 Softwall Isopods in Denmark.

 This is alongside a 130sqm ISO8 modular cleanroom for Electronics manufacturing specialists Swisstronics in Zurich, Switzerland, plus a 60sqm ISO6 Electronics modular in Dublin, Ireland, working alongside NSP Expert Lab Solutions.

 That’s on top of having already provided a bespoke CleanCube Maxi for a world-leading Life Science firm’s operations in Sweden.

 The Group have a number of distributors working across the globe, from Europe all the way to Oceania, and Mr Wheeler is anticipating more enquiries than ever before for Guardtech’s award-winning portable solution CleanCube and their rapid-assembly ‘flat-pack’ cleanroom solution Isopod.

 “CleanCube and Isopod are ideal cleanroom solutions for businesses overseas that want a high-quality British-made product,” he continued.

 “We understand the value of being a trusted UK supplier and achieving a vaunted quality mark is a responsibility that we relish.”

 The Guardtech Group recently recruited experienced cleanroom installation specialist Miles Gardner to bolster their overseas modular construction projects.

 He’s already got his teeth into the Dublin modular and is looking forward to many more exciting builds in Europe and beyond.

 “It’s a great time to be part of the Guardtech family,” he says. “We’re lining up some amazing projects at home and overseas and I hope I can play a big part in the Group’s continued success.”

 The future looks bright then for Guardtech ­– both at home and further afield – and Mr Wheeler has revealed that their expansion plans also include opening the business up into new previously uncharted areas.

 “We’re looking at the changing landscape – and also being led by the nature of enquiries we receive,” he continues. “We’re picking up a real buzz around data centres right now and we believe CleanCube could marry up with up potential clients’ requirements in that sphere. So that’s definitely an area we’re looking to explore a bit more over the coming months.”

 New horizons indeed – watch this space to see how the next Guardtech innovation unfolds.

 For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit, call 0330 113 0303 or email