The RIBA Plan of Work

THE RIBA Plan of Work was initiated in 1963 to provide a framework for architects to use on projects with their clients, bringing greater clarity to the different stages of a project.

Cleanroom Solutions have developed their own framework that closely mirrors the stages of RIBA, as many of their construction projects will interface with commercial architects, M&E designers and main contractors.

This document outlines expected deliverables in line with the main construction project and provides a common language for this area of specialist subcontractor works.

Each individual stage details the exact design outputs that will be produced and the expected drawings or models, calculations and documents provided.

As the design progresses through each stage of development, the complexity becomes greater and the clarity of information improves, resulting in a final design pack that has identified and resolved clashes and facilitates an effective installation.

The Cleanroom Solutions RIBA Plan of Work includes the following:

0 – Strategic Definition
Client-provided drawings, URS, equipment & utilities register, process flow, enquiry checklist

1 – Preparation & Briefing
Concept layout sketch, area calculations, performance criteria, host building information

2 – Concept Design
Developed general arrangement – structural, mechanical, electrical, room data sheets

3 – Spatial Co-ordination
Dimensioned drawing pack with developed master specification and site plan

4 – Technical Design
Full 2D issued drawings for each specific area of construction, registers, calculations, schematics

5 – Manufacturing & Construction
Signed off approved drawings for installation

6 – Handover
O&M’s, commissioning documentation reports


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