Guardtech Group take total cleanroom package to next level with new Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms website

Suffolk-based cleanroom design & build experts launch their fifth new subsite in the space of a year

THE GUARDTECH GROUP have taken their total cleanroom package offering to even greater heights with the launch of their new Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms website, writes Lily Gittings.

It is the fifth subsite unveiled by the Group in the space of just 12 months, following new dedicated brand websites for CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms, Cleanroom Solutions and Guardtech Cleanrooms as well as a new umbrella site for the Guardtech Group as a whole.

Isopod cleanrooms are a rapid, more cost-effective, flexible cleanroom alternative to traditional modular builds, available for flat-pack delivery and with the option for self-assembly installation.

The new website – – will host the Guardtech Group’s revolutionary Isopod Configurator – a unique tool that allows users to ‘build their own cleanroom’ online.

Guardtech have streamlined the customer journey so that buying a rapid cleanroom is easier than ever before – with the same Technical pages featured on sister sites allowing users to explore the different Structural, Mechanical & Electrical and Furniture & Equipment options available to tailor the perfect cleanroom.

 Marketing Manager Joe Shackley said: “We prioritise the customer experience at Guardtech – and with this new website, we’ve tried to turn what can be a complex process into something straightforward and fun.

“We realise how valuable our knowledge and expertise is when it comes to developing the perfect cleanroom, but we also want our customers to enjoy the overall experience and feel really happy with the outcome after using this new site and then dealing with our talented teams.

“Isopod is a rapid solution – so the process needs to be quick and efficient. But we also want it to be enjoyable. The customer is king – and we want to ensure that all Isopod clients are as happy with the process as they are with the product.”

That product is a range of high-performance cleanroom pods made from the same quality components that Guardtech use in traditional modular installations.

The new website details the specific make-up of the three Isopod base model products – Shell (Hardwall), Flexi (Softwall) and Hybrid (Dual Genus).

Clients can either choose from standard Isopod models and configurations for expedience – or develop more bespoke systems to suit the specific requirements of their particular application.

And Shackley is confident the latest Guardtech subsite is going to take the Group’s overall offering to new heights yet again.

“Our combined number of website visitors across the Guardtech Group subsites is double the amount of users we were getting a year ago – so the impact has been really positive in terms of reach.

“But the most critical aspect is how we’ve been able to improve the manner in which we deal with different enquiries – the whole operation is compartmentalised in such a way that clients can now be dealt with really quickly and efficiently, delivering world-class solutions to a wider customer base than ever before in the history of Guardtech.” 

The new site even features a range of Isopod-specific case studies which show how some of the Group’s Shell, Flexi and Hybrid models are being utilised all over the world by applications ranging from Electronics to Injection Moulding.

“It’s great for potential new clients to see exactly how our Isopods are being used out in the field – and how those existing solutions might just offer the perfect template to help their business move forward,” adds Shackley. “But the reality is that every client is different – and our experienced team are on hand to work with them to tailor the perfect cleanroom solution to meet their needs, however complex or expansive they may be!”

 For more information on Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms, call 0330 113 0303, email or visit